Sunday, 6 May 2018

Art Reflection

The process I used:I chose this picture because these types of places have great scenery and they are really calm.
I drew a layout for the mountains sea and ground so I know where to paint areas with the small brush for trees and houses.
I used a light paint for the sea a dark blue for the mountains to make them a good dark colour because the sky is dark.
And a skin color for the dry grass and with pastel.
I touched up more of the detail with pastel.
And then I made a photo of me doing something unique I cut It out carefully and then stuck it on in a unique spot.
Then I chose a brown piece of paper and black and stuck my normal picture carefully on and then stuck the brown piece with my picture onto the black piece carefully.

A success for me is the mountains because they tuned out the right colour with the right darkness.
I’m proud of the dry grass colour because that was hard to do because I had to make it the right colour and consistency which was hard but then I touched it up with pastel.
I’m also proud of my ideas for the skydiving which was unique because I didn’t think anybody did it and they didn’t and they copied me so that meant I was a good idea and people liked it.
An area for me to improve is the bottom left because the color turned gray when It was meant to be white for the houses. I would change the plate I used because I knew the colour was mixed. Also I wanted to improve some of the trees because I did some with the big brush which made it all connected and plus the colour of the sea on the left side because it was a much darker color than the other colour of sea.

Something I hope my audience appreciates in my artwork is the detail with the pastel because I really tried to touch up the detail a lot!  And I hope they appreciate the mountain color and sky and my creative mindset towards my picture I added this is a success because I really think that idea worked out because lots of people did appreciate it too which I really like.

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