Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Hide and seek!

18,19,20 I went to a hide out then suddenly the seekers started seeking. I hid. Being quiet as a mouse a seeker crept past me I was peering at him walking by he didn’t see me. So after he passed I crept to another spot. And then the seeker found my hide out he came past I was trying to be as slick as cat creeping past a tree. And then I heard heavy breathing I see another hider right beside me. He found that hider. He was devastated and he went to find me but I left.And then I kept on hiding in and out of places and then the horror of kids being found until it went down to two. Me and my brother. Everybody was coming to find me I heard the voices of them and then I hear Hamish.So then I went to a mischievous place where no one would find me behind the shed. I was buried with leaves and dirt. It was the best. I found out where Cam was and I heard him say “help” and horror! He was found that meant the hider was close. Peering through the window he saw me and that was it the end of the great game.

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