Tuesday, 28 November 2017

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Money Shot! Our money shot is a photo that we are going to take to capture the heart of Waimairi School. And we take it for what we think represents the heart of Waimairi School. We call it the Money Shot because when photographers make their photo for magazines they follow celebrities around and when they get a great shot they call it a Money Shot. Because they're going to get paid for it. Here is my Money Shot.This is my Money Shot I chose the library because lots of kids go here and have fun by reading books and learning because the knowledge in the book. And fun and learning is a key ingredient for a school so that’s why I think these two elements are in the library and that is what I think is the heart of Waimairi.

Week 8 School talent show
The talent show for our class was organised to see what the heart of our class is and lots of people did surprising things like acrobatics,singing,karate and dance I think it was to see the kids that give things a go and see their talents.

Week 6/7/8 Sculpture. For our sculpture we make found art and found art is art made out of found things like forks and spoons. I made a sculpture out of these things and it turned out good.Our sculpture is made out of spoons, forks, wood and cardboard. The bad thing was it didn't stand up so we had to get last minute wood for The Man to stand on . The good thing was we finished and we got to do Discovery Time.

Week 5 Fly on the wall. Fly on the wall is when you go to a class and be a like a fly to see what captures the heart of Waimairi for that class. I went to room 20 with Zoe and it was very interesting for Zoe and I we might of found out that the heart of their class was music because we found out they do that every day. Here’s a photo of their music.

Week 4 Calendar art today at art we did our calendar art and calendar art is when we make art for calendars diaries and even cards so I made a silhouette. A silhouette is a piece of art when you stick coloured paper to a piece of white paper and then you stick a type of message you think will be saying good luck or great game. like I did Rugby and Basketball.

Week 3 Today at arts we captured a moment in time. Capturing a moment in time is when you take a photo in time and your capturing that moment in time. And that photo is to represent what you love at Waimairi. This is my photo
It’s me with all my friends from Term 2 but I’ve made more friends since then though. I took this photo because my favorite thing in school is my friends and making new ones because they will be with me for my life.

Week 2 Today at arts we did music for Dance/Drama/Music For music we make a piece of music with an instrument. As in a guitar or drum set. And we use things from class to make and instrument and try make a beat.

Week 1Today at arts we did dance for Dance/Drama/Music. We did things like do a type of dance to the type of music and then we do a collaboration with someone and we do our dance moves together. The dances I did were the dishwasher,the lawnmower and the clothes line.


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