Sunday, 29 October 2017


When you go on holiday whether you going overseas staying in your country or just going on a road trip there's always two feelings, one when you're excited two you're nervous.

So I woke up at 6 am and I saw my mum there and I was thinking one word Fiji.

So I woke up excited but tired and there I was walking out like a zombie to get my clothes on.

After a couple hours I was outside looking for cars that would be my uber and then my brother was laid on the couch tired and I was thinking why were we up so early so we wouldn’t just wait?

And then our uber showed up we got in, got to the airport and waited for the plane for ages and then we heard a lady saying you can now board the plane for Nadi.

We boarded, I was on the plane more excited to go there than getting a present on Christmas. Maybe not that, but I was excited.

So then we arrived. We got through security and then we saw a guy holding up a sign saying Baillie, so I ran and ran to the guy and he said are you guys Baillie and I said yes so we got in the car.

It was a two hour ride and I fell asleep and when I woke up I realised I left my iPad and iPod on the plane and I told my mum and she said I was stupid.

And then we got there I got to open the door to the villa and after I did I thought, hallelujah, and then I saw the pool and there were pool lights so we jumped in and my mum said no but we didn't care.

And after two days we finally did something, we went to the sand dunes and it was so fun. I climbed up one and slid down jumped off and face planted. It was really fun and there was a beach and we brought our togs so we got in and we swam for an hour it was fun.

After that we went on bus rides to the market and stuff like that.  We went to a resort it was the best resort ever. I got a yummy burger and chips there for lunch it was the best.

And then we went to the airport and we got through security and we were on our plane after getting my iPod/iPad so we were on the plane so the whole ride I was playing on my iPad.  When we got back to Christchurch we got Maccas and went home.

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