Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Clothing Writing 

I'm rainbow colourful and I've got a zig zag in the middle of me with different colours going through it. 
I go on heads all the time especially in public. 

I'm tall and wide I've been respected because I get put on and get hung up in the wardrobe after being worn.

I smell like sweat but I I've been put in this swirly machine after being worn and I come out smelling better than ever. But I'm young, won't die anytime soon. People say I look funny 
and I've been warming my owner’s head every single time he wears me.  After he wears me he respectfully hangs me back up. 

I think I have a great relationship with my owner because he does all these things to make me happy and clean.

 I love him and he loves me. 

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